What we do

Our mission is to help digitise the global built environment and make asset management more sustainable and efficient for operators of distributed infrastructure including Telecoms and Utility Operators, Road Management Agencies and Smart Cities. Our technology enables digital twins to be created rapidly and at scale using available imagery.


How does it work?

This exciting new technology is at the intersection of AI, computer vision and GIS. The unique combination of state of the art techniques in each of these areas ensures the most up to date records are available for efficient management of outside plant. Assets distributed over hundreds of thousands of kilometers can be discovered in a matter of days rather than months.

What are the Benefits?

Having an up-to-date geospatial record of all assets in the network, including those distributed remotely across the entire road network, gives Operators the information needed to streamline infrastructure management, saving time and money on manual tracking by site engineers.

Our computer vision technology does the heavy lifting by automatically geotagging assets from street level imagery using statistical and image processing techniques to assign a unique GPS coordinate to each asset detected in the imagery, giving Operators the possibility to manage and monitor distributed assets remotely.

Smarter Asset management

  • Improves planning and design by having the most up to date information on the as-is infrastructure;
  • Reduces risk of incidents from ageing infrastructure;
  • Reduces the carbon footprint by minimising the number of site visits needed for operations and maintenance;
  • Improves operational efficiency by ensuring that engineers going to site with correct equipment/access permissions.