ai mapit is the key technological innovation enabling a future where distributed physical infrastructure management is intelligent, agile, and data-driven. Leveraging our advanced computer vision algorithms with our key strategic partners, regional and global repositories of street level imagery, we can detect and monitor street side assets across hundreds of thousands of kilometers and seamlessly integrate them into your geospatial platform, providing a comprehensive view of the entire network. With this powerful combination of accessible image data and AI-driven image processing, Infrastructure Operators can track changes in the as-built infrastructure, allowing for proactive maintenance and response to potential issues.


COWI is a consulting group within engineering, architecture, economics, and environmental science, that is dedicated to accelerating the green transition together with its’ customers and partners. COWI aspires to be a trusted advisor co-creating customers' sustainable success by following them on their entire journey from idea to project completion and by applying their global expertise in local contexts.

ai mapit is working with COWI to exploit the high-quality street side imagery it collects bi-annually along the road network of Denmark. Automatic road sign surveys of the municipality of Lyngby and the island of Samso, carried out using our detection and mapping technology, demonstrated high recall and precision as well as accurate location information for the detected road signs. This pilot sets the stage for game-changing advancements in the use of geospatial data.

Efficiency and Precision: COWI's extensive repository of imagery offers an invaluable opportunity for owners of roadside infrastructure to monitor assets deployed over thousands of kilometers with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency using the ai mapit asset mapping solution.

Low Cost, High Impact: This innovative approach to roadside infrastructure mapping leverages computer vision and deep learning to deliver a low-cost solution that significantly reduces operational expenses while providing high-precision results.

Data-Driven Decisions: ai mapit doesn't just map assets; it transforms data into a strategic advantage. It allows operators of roadside infrastructure to optimise maintenance schedules, prioritise upgrades, and enhance their network performance and safety, all driven by intelligent analysis.

This cost-effective alternative to traditional survey methods is a forward-thinking way of making roadside infrastructure management more sustainable and efficient and enhancing road safety across Denmark and beyond. From asset mapping to infrastructure management, collaborating with COWI will amplify the impact of this technology by integrating it seamlessly into real-world projects and applications towards a digital and sustainable future.