AI Platform to detect, geotag and monitor your Roadside Infrastructure

Transform the management of your infrastructure in the built environment

Enable data-driven decision-making and optimised resource allocation

Improve efficiency and sustainability of geospatial infrastructure

Streamline the cost of service delivery with up to date information on your as-built infrastructure

Digital twin of roadside infrastructure with 2m location accuracy

Unlock a World of Visual Information

Improve your asset tracking and maintenance work flow with ai mapit’s innovative geotagging solution! We specialise in creating digital twins of real-world assets in the built environment using street level imagery. Poles, lamp posts, traffic signs, storm drains, in fact any asset visible to the human eye, can be automatically detected and visualised in a mapping environment. We are constantly evolving our technology to include the detection of asset attributes, such as height, width, equipment loading, as well as monitoring the condition of assets over time.

Why ai mapit?

Our patented technology uses statistical and image processing techniques to assign a unique GPS coordinate to each asset detected in the imagery giving Operators the possibility to manage and monitor distributed assets remotely thus saving site engineers time and resources.
Addresses a highly relevant GIS mapping problem
Seamless integration ensuring the continuous improvement and accuracy of the asset tagging.
Replaces of a costly and time-consuming manual process
Our cost effective solution, fills the gap for large infrastructure networks where precision survey methods cannot be justifiably deployed due to cost and operational complexity.
Reuses existing image data
ai mapit is image agnostic. We can use any image repository our clients have access to. We also have, through our strategic partners, access to a global repository of captured imagery, avoiding the time and cost of new image capture while simultaneously saving on storage and additional processing costs.

Our Partners have fleets across the world, continuously capturing new imagery and we can with our partners also capture imagery specifc for clients in a region of interest.
Industry and Sector Examples
Telecoms & Utility Companies
Using computer vision and street-level imagery for mapping...
Road Management Agencies
Conducting automated surveys of road signs empowers local...
Smart Cities
Digital twins of the city infrastructure supports urban planning...


Trinity College Dublin
Enterprise Ireland

Case Studies

ai mapit has completed several successful case studies, across a variety of use case, industry and geography, as we developed out our technology and pipelines.
More Case studies
Smart Dublin (Docklands, 2022)
Enhancing Urban Efficiency and Safety: A Case Study of Smart Infrastructure Mapping in Dublin...
Telecoms Infrastructure (UK, 2020)
Rationale: to have a digital twin of all assets in the network for improved planning...
Telecoms Infrastructure (Ireland, 2017)
First prototype of asset detection and mapping of telegraph poles for eir...