Telecoms Infrastructure (Ireland, 2017)

First prototype of asset detection and mapping or telegraph poles for eir.

Rationale: to identify unrecorded plant on the rural road network.

Following a process of training and refinement, the trained FCNN demonstrated high recall rates for detection of eir poles in street view imagery. In the deployment phase, 8,000 poles were detected from 266k panoramic images at locations covering an area of approx. 2,600km. A further 11,500 poles were detected from 155k panoramic images in sections of unrecorded route covering an area of approx. 1,550 km.

Technical paper:

Walkthrough Video:

Outcome: eir subsequently imported the newly identified assets into it’s physical asset management system.

Geotagging of telegraph poles (eir): recall 97%, precision 95%, 2m GPS accuracy

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